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Field Inspections…

Field Inspection work can involve several different types of work.  Recently, I performed an onsite inspection of a vehicle that was damaged in a car accident.

When I arrived at the insured person’s location, he pointed out the damage that he was reporting to his insurance company.  I opened an app on my phone which had been supplied by the company that I had contracted with to do the inspection.  The app guided me through the positions required to take pictures needed by the actual adjuster.  As I was going through the process, the insured became slightly upset because many of the pictures that I was required to take were interior shots, He didn’t want pictures taken of some of his personal property.  Once I explained to him that the pictures were required to process his claim. he calmed down and became cooperative.  The entire process was completed in about 20 minutes.  Image files were uploaded from my phone to the hiring company’s website for approval.

From there, the pictures will be forwarded to the insurance adjuster, who will have the claim processed and closed out within days.